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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  November 15, 2012 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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realized the burglars had taken the urn containing her late babe ease ash ootz babe essie's urn was in a jewelry box, here. >> this is what it looks like. it's it contains remains of the infant son, who died in january just three hours after he was worn born. >> they took that box and inside is the casings and urn. >> the urn is about four inches wide, two inches tall engraved with baby's name. that was inside of a box. >> do you think they didn't know what they think? >> i'm almost sure. i don't think anyone would want to take an urn.bbq >> they knows she'll likely never see it again but wants one item back.
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>> you violated my house and children. i just need that. whether you know you have it yet or not. please, return the urn. >> she went on to say they can put it in the mailbox. drop it near the front door. anyone with information can call police here. and that line as.anonymous. >> laura, thank you. an update on breaking news we brought you live at 4:00. crews have capped a water mainpç break in san francisco. this is how it looked an hour ago. you can see water gushing there.
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water leaking from an eight inch main. water service shut off in a tree block area. we broke the story live during abc 7 news at 4:00. a police officer inhailed something that smelled foul and he's being checked out. crews say it does not appear to be serious. >> 49ers coach had a minor procedure done after doctors found he had an irregular heartbeat. abc 7 news joins us fromou8 ÷ te train facility with more. leanne? >> right now, 49ers organization is saying very little about this tonight. it took everyone by surprise. players are very confident their coach will be okay. oncetfh pls l
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>> practice went on today. the coach was not there. doctor orders having a minor procedure done today. for an irregular heartbeat. >> the coach taken to the hospital after he began feeling ill. the safety says the news took him by surprise. >> he was pretty good.7vh and he showed no emotion. >> the chief of cardiology says an irregularo;=nç heartbeas not b66blu on by stress. >> put patches on front and back. push a gut on. it delivers a jolt to your heart. >> players were told this
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morning. >> hopefully everything goes wem. there are good doctors in the area that do good work. >> we're making sure everything is all right. we heard everything is good. so we're all happy. andywñ... i think he'll want us to go out there and work hard. >> and the coach took over practice today according to 49ers. i'm live in santa clara abc 7 news. >> 49ers quartrt"- alex smith practiced today but is not a sure thing for sunday's game. monday, he had to leave the field. he wore no contact jerseys at the practice. >> there is an explosive mission today from the dieo ease of san jose giving a
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registered sex offender special permission to be on an elementary school campus. this is an interview only on 7. >> right. the church has done an about face by allowing him to volunteer this is after a mother and daughter who knew of the past crimes complained=úq and when complaints were ignored they contacted authorities the law is that you're a sex offender for life. do you not have a right to be on a school grounds. he can go to church and biko. not allowed to be on this school. >> she was outraged when she saw this man volunteering at her daughter's school. he was in the middle of hundreds of young children at st. francis catholic school in san jose, volunteering during
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a fall festival fund-raiser last month. >> my 19-year-old noticed who he was when we had asked to have him removed, the answer we got is that he has a letter and he is allowed to be here. >> a sheriff deputy escorted him off property but didn't arrest him, they confirnled he had a letter from the diocese giving clearance to be there. >> this is one of the exemptions to the rule. and if you have written permission, you can on campus. >> a spokesperson told me the letter was written two years ago and at the time the administrator felt waits prormt but today the deesz issued a statement reading the letter by which he was able to be admitted is not consistent with poll says of the diocese of san jose. some parents at the school are fine with the church's position. >> he's probably part of the church. they're probably giving him a second chance? >> you're okay with that?
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>> i am if the church is. >> janine is furious he had special permission. when raising concerns an administrator suggested her husband should leave the school event you don't sweep things under the carpet. sorry. you don't kick my husband out let a pedophile here who has no children here! >> aside from issuing a brief statement that he is no longer allowed to be a volunteer at the parish, the diocese did not respond to my request for information such as what factors led thom allow him to be a volunteer, we know his wife held a teaching position at the school. thank you very much. >> sky 7 hd flew over the scene after a worker was killed by a forklift this morning. rescuers could not revive the man after the stent.
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police are both investigating. police have not released the name of the 34-year-old victim. some breaking news. chico state university president announced all social greek activities are now suspended immediately until further notice. this happened after a student died of an alcohol overdose last thursday. the campus newspaper says the student was pledging a from a fern nitty and in addition, school officials say there involve frag fernities and soror tis. -. >> investigateors looking at a string of sus spishus fire that's broke out near each other. they happened in an empty house on alhambra street and a veterinarian office on york street. all within 12 hours of each other, official says there have been many fires within six to eight months that are
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similar. fires happened on empty buildings. no one has been hurt. investigators have no suspects. the comedian cat williams released after police arrested him on suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon. williams is in town for a show at the oracle. police arrested him aafter an 18-year-old man told them he was being hit with a bottle by the comedian. >> california senate leader says the now democratic controlled legislature could use power to put prop 8, the ban on same-sex marriage on a few tour state ballot but says it will depend on what the u.s. supreme court may or may not do with prop 8. the highest court considering whether to hear an appeal by groups which defines marriage between a man and woman.
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the ninth circuit court found the law unconstitutional. >> would we use our new authority and soup -- super majority? i said, i stay, i of course would be open to that. because... by any means possible we have to achieve maernl equality. >> the high court expected to announce whether it will take the case. >> the shirtless photo that raised questions involving cia and army is out this, is connected to the affair admitted by david petraeus. i want to show you the photo that landed him in hot water. he e mailed this picture with a subject line which one is fred. the e mail became public
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today. another one of those recipients was jill kelly. right? she turned to him when getting threatening e mails over the summer. he worked in military intelligence. the fbi since traced e mailsrmé. kelly saw her as a rival. kelly is also a friend of petraeus and also friends with this man, general john allen, top u.s. commander in afghanistan. broadwell apparently sent allen a threatening letter here. tomorrow, petraeus will testify about the september attack that killed four americans in benghazi, libya. he told reporters he never
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pass add lopping classified information. >> this is complex. a hearing today exposed a possible connection between california sudden spike in gas prices and the action taken by refineries operated in the state. mcculla research komd through domts and found refineries continued to produce gasoline during periods when the public was told otherwise. we'll have the details of how the public was misled tonight at 6:00. and the next few days may be last chance to enjoy twinkies and ding dongs. 70 bakers and employees at columo. bakery remain on strike. hostess says if strikers and others are not back on the job tonight, the company will liquid date and sell off the plant operations.
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pay cut. a 20% decrease in benefits. we'll have to see. >> coming up here, rain is in the forecast. >> yes. i'm feeling the change. seeing change, clouds backing up above me here. we're feeling[? out here, winds changed, rainy patterns on the way. i'll let you know how long doppler 7 hd will be tracking moisture, coming up. >> diversity programs under attack in a college campus. the latest chapter in budget cuts felt around the state. >> coming up action figure designed right here in the bay area. it just made out little green army pen. the news continu
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a tragedy developing now. four military veterans dead, 17 in the hospital after a train crashed into their parade float. this is in midland texas the float on the way to a wounded veteran event. all lanes of northbound 280 are open again after being closed just before 1:30 this afternoon. that is when a cement mixer jackknifed near the off ramp. here is what it looked like from sky 7. go to that. there is a small spill, traffic backed up, no injuries reported. >> today was a day of protests in san francisco. it started with a noisy demonstration this morning outside university of california regents meeting.
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a group blocked streets and made their way into the regent meeting disrupting it for a short time. they are mad about the possibility of more tuition hikes. the meeting ended with no new tuition increases. however, now another protest took place around noon in city college. students and teachers upset the school may consolidate nine programs. that would affect the women, african american, latino and asian studies department. >> this is a drawing large numbers of them to higher education and career advancement. >> city college administrators say cuts are needed to get budgets in order. it fights to stay accredited. >> united airlines had another bumpy ride today. the third major outage since june. >> this did so what are your
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rights during thanksgiving or any time. >>? >> this is about the fine print. that is the agreement between airline and passengers. setting the terms of service in this case. outage treated like any problem on the aircraft. car delay it will rebook or offer a refund. today lines weren't too long, united says outage affects only 200 flights and few, if any of those were cancelled. have you synchronized your watch yet? it's just eight more days until black friday. some people are at the gate in
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elcajon, people are lining up says she's not going to miss out on bargains. >> i just hope they continue to do that is important. >> last year sales were expecting them again this year. generations of children have played the clue but it's the action figure that beat out clue and army men fr a spot in the toy hall of fame in western new york. store wars character for creative learning engagement e.úy. there are 300 toys nominated each year.
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>> thank you. >> let's talk about the weather. >> sandhya patel son the roof. it's window out there. it's getting breezy out there. a cool breeze. you can see this umbrella. get it out, hang onto it for just a while. we have a stretch of wet weather. we're going take you outside from high definition emeryville camera. no rainfall but i want to show you what it looks like from that perspective. clouds moving in. moisture is not far away as you look to the southwest we do have clouds and green showing up on the screen. understand it's going to take
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a while before moisture starts to reach the ground. sprinkles possible in the north bay. and we do have our own doppler. temperatures at this hour, you can see 57 in half moon bay we have plenty of 50s and 60s around, today another mild day. san jose, 71 for the high. and say goodbye for mild weather. light showers developing after midnight. periods of rain through sunday morning and we're looking at a chance of rain into next week. so this is going to be sometime before web see a major break in the weather. tomorrow morning, grab your umbrellas out of the door, make sure you have coats with you. temperatures upper 40s to mid-50s so a milder morning with cloud cover. you'll notice showers starting to come in along the coast. and moving in over parts ofzñ the bay.
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this system is a warmer one. so moist, mild air head of the system. startsing to move in. when we could do see rain, here is how goitsing to play out. 11:00 tonight maybe sprinkles morning commute. look good. it spreads into afternoon. check that out. ice slailted thunderstorms possible. a a.approaching north bay so watch out for that. heavy rain showing up in yellow and orange on saturday. if you have weekend plans make sure you have rain gear with you. prepare for wet weather. another front comes in. it's cooler getting in saturday night that will go through early sunday morning.
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showers winding down. we'll get a peek of sun but another system coming in later on. rainfall totals through sunday, k9 a.m. two in the north way. from about three quarters of an inch to an inch and a half. south bay with b.a half inch to an inch. due to warm may tour of the storm you're going to lake tahoe goits tok a rain-snow mix. snow and rain, snow level rising saturday. 8,000. 6,000 sunday. winner weather advisory starting at 10:00 a.m. tomorrow running until 4:00 p.m. saturday. scattered showers, you'll need umbrellas for friday. temperatures low to mid-60s with rain arriving in that area later on. accu-weather forecast looks like this. periods of rain friday.
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saturday, wet, chance of thunderstorms. chance of rain wednesday, travel day. then, thanksgiving day, could see a few lingering showers. we'll fine tune that. live doppler 7 will be tracking those storms for you. back to you. >> thank you. >> what a beautiful shot. >> still to come a robot working to clean up a part of the bay. >> a surfer makes a splash with a little camera. building the fastest
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breaking news we're getting video of a tragic and deadly crash. four veterans dead, 17 hurt, so critically.
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a train crashed into their parade flet. it was on the way to a wounded veteran's event. we believe all veterans were involved. >> we're going to move on now to other news of the day. san francisco got its bay cleaned today. sending it's sonar equipment into the bay this, group including a tracking device allowing the project to collect precise data.b+ñ >> clever. >> yes. >> you don't have to wait until after thanksgiving for santa claus. >> up next where he's up on the roof top. tonight.
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coming up at 6:00 efforts
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by some to triple vehicle license fees but money must be dedicated to one place. we're going ride along to see how people make a set of cell phone maps. those stories and a lot more for you coming up at 6:00. >> and finally a sign holidays are on the horizon.9> it's part of the 'tis the season for science exhibit. the group is almost tundra like, running through january 6th. >> i thought they might entertain us here. >> world news is next. i'm cheryl jennings. >> i do that only after thanksgiving. you know th this is "world news." tonight, on the brink. rockets are firing, the death toll climbing. growing fe o
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